Retailing from the

To get a clearer picture of department stores' evolution
and explore new opportunities for sustainable growth

Retailing, like other industries, is undergoing important transformations characterised by changing customer expectations and behaviours, a push for omnichannel trading, digitalisation at all levels, new technologies and leadership challenges.

In this dynamic environment, leaders of department stores, retailers and brands are faced with an array of important choices: what mix between bricks-and-mortar and online development, how to speak to customers more efficiently, what assortment for the future, how to improve supply chain and distribution, how to embed sustainability in the company's DNA, how to capture and motivate the best talents or how to build a more agile but also more supportive organisation.

Titled ‘Retailing from the Outside-In’, GDSS 2022 is about reimagining the business model by introducing new ideas and sharing experiences from leading companies in retail and other industries as well as different business models.

Our summit will inspire and stretch participants’ minds about what the next ‘normal’ might look like.

Listen to compelling success stories and innovative strategies presented by seasoned CEOs

Gain unique insights on know-how and experiences from leading retailers and outside industries

Meet top executives from department stores, brands and suppliers from around the world

Simultaneous translation into Chinese, Korean and Japanese will be provided during all sessions.